The breach

Part of Manifesta7 which was hosted by the Trentino - South Tyrol Region - July 19 to November 2, 2008

Performed by Simon Kane (English), Tobias Lange (German) and Riccardo Magherini (Italian)

Featured as part of 'Scenarios', a performance thread of Manifesta7. Curated by Ant Hampton, and situated within the Austrian fortress of Fortezza, it featured works by 10 writers, poets and philosophers from around the world. Shahid Amin, Hélène Binet, Brave New Alps, Adriana Cavarero, Mladen Dolar, Harun Farocki, Karø Goldt, Larry Gottheim, Renée Green, Timo Kahlen, Karl Kels, Thomas Meinecke, Glen Neath, Margareth Obexer, Philippe Rahm, Arundhati Roy, Saskia Sassen, Michael Snow and Saadi Youse  contributed texts developed for an 'immaterial' exhibition that attempted to shift the site of the exhibition to the imagination of the listening visitor. As voice recordings, the texts were installed as sound works in the interior spaces of the fortress.

Manifesta is one of the most important European Biennials of Contemporary Art and it takes place every two years in different cities. Being itinerant is its peculiarity, and as Documenta Kassel and the International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale, it is one of the highlights for international contemporary art. In the past years Manifesta has been hosted in Rotterdam, Luxembourg, Liubljana, Frankfurt and San Sebastian.

For the first time it took place in Italy and stretched across an entire regional territory - one hundred and fifty kilometres of crossroads, of different cultures and of intersecting traditions, rich in historical monuments and in sites of industrial archeology.

It involved 188 artists showing work across four cities which together created a single connecting route along the Brenner axis between the north and south of Europe: Fortezza (Bressanone), the ex-Alumix factory in Bolzano, the Palazzo delle Poste in Trento, Manifattura Tabacchi and the ex-Peterlini factory in Rovereto.

The Fat Plan

Novel published by Portobello Books on July 7, 2008

An unambitious man with a habit of overachieving takes a job with few prospects and little chance of social interaction. All he has to do is wait for the tapes to be delivered and when they arrive, transcribe the recorded conversations, word for word. Before long, he's imagining lives for the anonymous people he listens to and he's imagining a new life for himself, with the woman who brings him the tapes. But making up stories isn't part of the job description. He's bound to make mistakes and when he makes mistakes there are going to be consequences. Not least the appearance of the fat-man, and he has plans of his own.

‘Readers tired of traditional narratives will be pleased by Neath's latest offering. His first novel, THE OUTGOING MAN, was praised for its originality, and his second book is deserving of the same. THE FAT PLAN is at once upbeat, quirky, difficult and dark’ -- Big Issue

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The Wisp isn’t strong enough to break free from the suffocating embrace of The Vortex and so he looks to Captain Mint to liberate him. But in order to have any chance of defeating The Vortex, Captain Mint feels he needs some extra powers

The Squall is looking to better himself and he thinks that joining The Vortex’s team is the best way to advance. But if The Squall wants to become The Storm, then The Vortex demands he must prove himself first ... by betraying Captain Mint

The Superheroes

Shunt Lounge, London, 10-13 October 2007, with Simon Kane playing Captain Mint, Greg Henderson-Begg as The Wisp, Nigel Barrett as The Vortex and David Rosenberg as The Storm. Glen Neath directed

Originated from a number of short 'try-out' sketches:

The first at Tassos Stevens’ ROAR event at Theatre503, London, on 12 January 2005. Simon Kane and Greg McLaren starred. An extended version of that scene then featured in the Shunt Cabaret at the Shunt Vaults, London, 27 February 2005 with Simon Kane and Greg McLaren reprising their roles and Amber Sealey, Gemma Brockis, Neil Bennun, Billy Bliss and Martin Hampton joining them. Peter Arnold and Greg McLaren starred when it was presented as part of Rotozaza's 'A Life Affirming Joyride Vol.1' festival at the Hackney Empire Bullion Room, London on 13 January 2006


Text by Glen Neath

Design by Lizzie Clachan

Sound by Conspiracy

Construction & realisation by George Tomlinson

Performed by Nigel Barrett, Esther Coles, Greg Henderson-Begg and Heather Uprichard

Hide explores everyday encounters we all witness in public spaces that cause us to stop, stare and maybe intervene. It makes voyeurs out of the audience by isolating them in individual booths, like a peep show.

Spying from a hidden vantage point and listening on headphones, they eavesdrop on a series of provocative encounters played out in a busy public environment by three actors, planted in the crowd, and passers-by who unwittingly become extras in a play they know nothing about.

Hide comprises three four minute plays, The man with the flowers..., The woman crying... and The woman with the shopping..., performed in rotation, and created to draw on universal archetypes: a love story, a tragedy and a thriller. Each play is built around an everyday physical action, such as crying or kissing, that can seem out of place when taken from the private realm and placed in the public domain - how passers-by respond is integral to the nature of the piece

Part of Clare Patey's 'Sheds and Beds', Overture weekend marking the re-opening of the Royal Festival Hall, London, June 8-10, 2007