‘Coma is an injection of adrenaline that won’t leave you for hours’ - Frankie Goodway, Fest ★★★★ - Full review here

‘An immersive experience like no other’ - Phoebe O’Brien, The Sunday Times - Full review here

‘A popular explanation of the enduring popularity of horror is that it provides “a rehearsal for death”. That’s just what Coma is’ - Rory Ford, The Scotsman ★★★★ - Full review here

’It is technically astonishing, completely uncanny, and deeply unnerving' - Holly Williams, The Independent ★★★ - Full review here

‘COMA can lay claim to being the most unique production of the festival’ - Brett Herriot, ScotsGay ★★★★★ - Full review here

‘COMA is the immersive company’s best yet - with off-the-chart production values that make this weird journey of pills, dreams and unconsciousness incredible’ - Greta April, Arthur’s Seat ★★★★ - Full review here

‘Coma is sensorially sensational’ - Erin Roche, Edinburgh Guide ★★★ - Full review here

‘The whole experience seemed to stretch the time and space around me. I couldn’t believe we’d been in there for 25 minutes it felt like 2’ - Sarah Jane Booth, on4review ★★★★ - Full review here

‘Laying in the dark for fifteen minutes, we almost feel separated from our body’ - Marianna Meloni, Everything Theatre ★★★★ - Full review here

A beautiful, immersive experience that reminded me of feelings I'd forgotten’ - James Sullivan, A Young Perspective - Full review here 

‘Unique, innovative and utterly unnerving’ - Tamarin Fountain, The Wee Review ★★★ - Full review here

’An immersive, heart-pounding experience … magnificently crafted’ - Deborah Chu, The List ★★★ - Full review here

‘The set up makes for an entirely idiosyncratic experience, playing on individual paranoia and insecurities’ - Bethan Sexton, Deadline News ★★★★ - Full review here

‘I find it slightly improbable that audio-based experiences inside pitch-black shipping containers have become somewhat of a Fringe institution’ - James Witherspoon, London Student ★★★ - Full review here

‘They place the audience member in the centre of a live experience, creating work that is immersive and challenging to the mind and body’ - Mirren Wilson, The Skinny ★★★ - Full review here

‘The novelty of walking into a shipping container will never get old' - Rachel Baker, A Baker’s Opinion - Full review here

'Well worth the time’ - Robert Iles, UK Theatre Web ★★★★ - Full review here

’It sits just the right side of creative to make you feel that things are not good until you leave’ - Donald Stewart, Fringe Review, Highly Recommended Show - Full review here

’It’s the perfect trip’ - Anna Rieser, EdFest ★★★ - Full review here

‘What I will say is that the experience was exhilarating and left me feeling more alive than when I entered. Darkfield have created a unique and groundbreaking form of theatre’ - Dominic Cooper, Brig News - Full review here

‘Coma is a visceral whole-body experience' - Artfilla - Full review here

‘I can report it kept me fully awake’ - Lyn Gardner, StageDoor - Full review here

‘“Coma” was intense’ - Dillon Stein, On The Fringe - Full review here

‘The feeling lingers that a coma may not be emptiness at all, but quite the opposite’ - Tom Bolton blog - Full review here

‘A purely sensory experience, a kind of virtual reality fairground ride’ - Dorothy Max Prior, Total Theatre - Full review here

‘Whilst waiting to enter the container an American coming out uttered the immortal phrase "Holy Crap", which I think is a quotation for the poster’ - DarkChat - Full review here

‘Darkfield have mastered yet another cutting-edge drama' - Josephine Balfour-Oatts, Broadway Baby ★★★★ - Full review here