‘As soon as it's over - even earlier, in fact, while it's still going on - it starts to lapse from your memory, fading like an afterimage on your retina. It's the equivalent of a self-destructing letter. It exists to disappear. That's a fascinating prospect: a self-defeating show; theatre so ephemeral it might as well not have happened... Fiction makes for a unique theatrical encounter about the power of suggestion and the workings of your subconscious’ - Matt Trueman, Whatsonstage 4★★★★ - Full review here

‘The piece is disorientating and incredibly, intentionally slippery’ - Natasha Tripney, The Stage 4★★★★ - Full review here

‘It’s terrifically clever, cunningly manipulative, and fun – provided you’re not scared of the dark’ - Lyn Gardner, The Guardian - Full review here

‘The production is slick. It’s beyond slick; it’s incredible. At one point we walk into a room and it fucking smells different’ - Mary Haltom, Exeunt Magazine - Full review here

‘Fiction embedded me in a lucid dream that filled me with anxious fantasies of a shared reality, counting down towards something unknown’  - Lucy Orr, The Register - Full review here

‘Crikey. Reviewing David Rosenberg and Glen Neath’s ‘Fiction’ is a bit like reviewing an acid trip: it’s an intense and intensely surreal experience that almost seems so out of its creators’ control that it’s hard to know what to ascribe to them and what to your own subconscious’ - Andrzej Lukowski, Time Out - Full review here

The effect is disquieting, disconcerting, and at times overwhelming’ - Ruth Hargreaves, The Londonist - Full review here

We're still not sure what happened in Fiction - baffling, unsettling & compelling stuff’ - CultureWhisper - Full review here

‘Directors David Rosenberg and Glen Neath (also the writer) explicitly set out to create a 'dream-like experience', and have succeeded in spades. It is wonderfully disorientating’ - Henry St Leger, Broadway Baby (Edinburgh) 5★★★★★ - Full review here

‘Fiction is the kind of thing you want at the fringe: a unique and memorable experience; a strange story to tell’ - Ralph Jones, The Observer (Edinburgh) - Full review here

‘...a fascinating and enthralling immersion into a world of sound, smell and even touch’ - Graeme Strachan, British Theatre Guide (Edinburgh) 4★★★★ - Full review here

‘This is, however, a unique and interesting concept, completely different from everything else on the Fringe’ - Jaclyn Martin, The Public Reviews (Edinburgh)  4★★★★- Full review here

‘David Rosenberg and Glen Neath's binaural experience grips uneasily, threateningly, uncompromisingly’ - Colin Snell, remotegoat (Edinburgh) 4★★★★ - Full review here

‘By far the most impressive piece of work I’ve so far seen at this year’s Edinburgh, Fiction is an overwhelming, challenging and nourishing experience – and one I won’t forget’ - West Camel, Culture Compass (Edinburgh) - Full review here

‘The experience is like being trapped in a David Lynch wonderland’ - Zoe Atherfold, EdFestMag (Edinburgh) - Full review here

‘Fiction is a brilliantly unique theatre experience’ - Christine Lawler, Fringe Review (Edinburgh Recommended Show) - Full review here

A cinema of attractions for the ear’ - Robert Dow, TV Bomb (Edinburgh) - Full review here

Surreally, it often felt that I was being dreamt, that I was an imagining of the voice’s dream rather than the voice being an imagining of mine’ - Patrick Galbraith, Three Weeks (Edinburgh) 4★★★★ - Full review here

‘Playing out almost entirely in complete darkness it is an exercise in courage, patience and self-control, exploring what it feels like to walk between the waking and dreaming world’ - Jafar Iqbal, A Differing View (Edinburgh) 4★★★★ - Full review here

‘If you can sit through the first ten minutes curbing the impulse to bolt through the doors, you may well have one of the most memorable experiences at this year’s Fringe’ - Udita Banerjee, Fringe Guru (Edinburgh) 4★★★★ - Full review here

‘I would have welcomed an opportunity to fall asleep at several points’ - Duska Radosavljevic, Exeunt  (Edinburgh) - Full review here

‘If David Lynch had written Inception, it might be a little like Fiction’ - Catherine Love, Fest Mag (Edinburgh) - Full review here

‘A rollercoaster ride of Artaudian theatre of the senses for those who dare’- Dorothy Max Prior, Total Theatre (Edinburgh) - Full review here

‘From almost literally nothing, the director and writer have created a performance which suspends reality with alarming ease. It’s strange and almost unique, and by its very nature has as many potential facets as there are people in the room’

  1. -Wesley Freeman-Smith, Slate the Disco (Cambridge) - Full review here

‘I have no doubt that for many, this will be one of the most striking theatre visits for a long time, and I admire the bravery of the creators for doing something utterly different from the norm’ - Amy Rainbow, Behind the Arras (Malvern) - Full review here

‘I am still not sure if I slipped into actual sleep and dreamed some of the show, but I remain mostly bemused that I have been able to experience something so very different to any other theatrical or artistic happening’ - Mark Blackham, The Fine Times Recorder (Bournemouth) Full review here

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