‘What Rosenberg and Neath do with Flight is to harness the very uncertainty of pretending, and in doing so create an experience that’s properly exhilarating. It’s a perfectly programmed high-art theme park ride, a reminder of one’s closeness at all times to death that spits you out into the sunlight feeling palpably, certainly, alive’ - Ben Kulvichit, Exuent Magazine - Full review here

‘Now Darkfield are leading intrepid audiences somewhere even further out of their comfort zones’ - Alex Needham, The Guardian - Full review here

‘Fears are tapped in an unsettling 20-minute experience that takes place in total darkness’ - Natasha Triply, The Stage ★★★★- Full review here

’20 fear-inducing minutes in a faithfully recreated airplane interior’ - Niki Boyle, The Scotsman ★★★★ - Full review here

‘It’s a truly singular and provocative piece of art; one you may well walk out of shaken but will ultimately feel enriched by the experience’ - Evan Popplestone, Cinema’s Fringes ★★★★★ - Full review here

‘Flight taps into every flier’s nightmare, and the use of headphones isolates each member of the audience in a solitary world of unease that will leave you flabbergasted at the remarkably detailed world that can be created by sound and darkness’ - Agnes Carrington-Windo, Plays To See ★★★★★ - Full review here

‘One can only hope that this is the future of all live entertainment’ - Siri Hedreen, EdFest Magazine ★★★★★ - Full review here

‘What follows is something like the thrills of the Big Dipper with lashings of existential angst’ - Jackie Fletcher, British Theatre Guide 4★★★★ - Full review here

‘It’s hard to describe how we felt stepping out of that shipping container. ‘Changed’ would be the best word! The closing couple of minutes had wormed their way into our thoughts more than we’d expected them to…’ - Scare Addicts ★★★★ - Full review here

‘Flight is an original, clever show. The soundscape and the sensory deprivation create an all-consuming experience that takes you away from the busy streets of Edinburgh and into a different reality’ - Hannah Wright, The Wee Review ★★★★ - Full review here

'An exploration of a strange, surreal facet of modern human experience that provides some food for thought, whilst also being a wild, immersive thrill ride' -  James Witherspoon, London Student ★★★★ - Full review here

‘In flickering between plain sailing and plummet, it catches the persistent nagging notion of imminent death us aerophobes know all too well’ - Matt Truman, WhatsonStage ★★★- Full review here

‘It’s a neat synthesis of physics with people’s paranoia about flying’ - Tom Wicker, Fest Mag ★★★ - Full review here

‘This show is a testament to the sheer power of audio and imagination’ - M Johnson ★★★ - Full review here

‘It does leave you thinking, with things occurring to you long after the piece ends, and is very cleverly executed with a pro set-up to boot’ - Robin Winters, Reviews Hub 3.5★★★★ - Full review here

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