Text by Glen Neath

Design by Lizzie Clachan

Sound by Conspiracy

Construction & realisation by George Tomlinson

Performed by Nigel Barrett, Esther Coles, Greg Henderson-Begg and Heather Uprichard

Hide explores everyday encounters we all witness in public spaces that cause us to stop, stare and maybe intervene. It makes voyeurs out of the audience by isolating them in individual booths, like a peep show.

Spying from a hidden vantage point and listening on headphones, they eavesdrop on a series of provocative encounters played out in a busy public environment by three actors, planted in the crowd, and passers-by who unwittingly become extras in a play they know nothing about.

Hide comprises three four minute plays, The man with the flowers..., The woman crying... and The woman with the shopping..., performed in rotation, and created to draw on universal archetypes: a love story, a tragedy and a thriller. Each play is built around an everyday physical action, such as crying or kissing, that can seem out of place when taken from the private realm and placed in the public domain - how passers-by respond is integral to the nature of the piece

Part of Clare Patey's 'Sheds and Beds', Overture weekend marking the re-opening of the Royal Festival Hall, London, June 8-10, 2007