This is experiential theatre in the true sense of the word, and is a powerful and provocative work … Works like these redefine theatre … I urge you to take part in this unique and innovative work. I guarantee it will be unlike anything you've experienced - Emma Cole, One Stop Arts 5★★★★★

This piece is disconcerting, unnerving, intense, captivating, extremely clever, intriguing and unique … I cannot recommend it highly enough, this is an absolute must “see” - Rhiannon Lawson, Whatsonstage 5★★★★★

I was left with a deep sense of unease that followed me from the shadows for the rest of the evening. I’m still not entirely clear what happened in that room, but I haven’t been affected by a show as profoundly in a long time - Olivia Solon, Wired

What makes Ring so brilliant is how it exposes the weaknesses of the human mind and perception. It pits reality against realistic construction of reality, and common sense against physical senses. Great theatre might sometimes make you think, but Ring goes one step further ― it manipulates your very ability to do so. The outcome is totally unnerving but completely thrilling, and allows audience members to share a completely unique experience that is truly one of a kind … Ring shouldn’t be missed - Geri Silver, A Younger Theatre

With the theatre’s own information simply describing this as theatre in pitch black, I confess I had dismissed this as a gimmick – “surely that’s just radio” I think may have been the phrase used – how wrong I was … Reviews are often prone to hyperbole and exaggeration but it is no overstatement to say this was one of the most intense theatrical experiences I have had. - Nick Hitchens, Local Guardian

...with clever writing, a careful setting, and the use of binaural sound technology creating an engaging and heavily visceral experience for the audience. Enabling an entirely personal encounter for each audience member and evoking fear, intrigue and uncertainty, Ring left me feeling utterly satisfied – having scarcely seen a performer, I felt like a star - Tara Boland, Total Theatre Review

What our role is, and how we work out what’s going on, is the investigation at the centre of the show and it creates an engaging experience that leaves you exhausted despite its brief 50-minute duration … unnerving and unmissable - Edward Lukes, The London Magazine

Scenes change, funny and horrible things happen, and how it effects you depends upon your own level of paranoia … The imagination is best served by suggestion, which is what makes this unnerving experience so effective - Eleanor MacFarlane, The Upcoming 4★★★★

This 'must see' show is not one that I will forget any time soon - Sarah Flinton, Westend Broadwayworld

To compare Ring to traditional theatre is foolish, which makes a critical review rather difficult; ‘utterly engaging’ would be an understatement … This is a theatre experience you will kick yourself if you miss, and start to dream differently if you do - Daisy Thurston-Gent, Whats Peen Seen? 5★★★★★

Key to the show's singularity is the way it helps you realise how you might feel in uncertain situations by challenging the everyday use of your senses. It grounds you in your own body, plays with the notion of presence and provokes questions about perception and trust - Naima Khan, Spoonfed 4★★★★

It redefines the horribly overused term “immersive”, completely submerging us in a disturbing experience from which we cannot escape - Catherine Love, Love Theatre

This is new writing at its absolute best. I am still baffled by how cleverly this show comes together - Everything Theatre 4★★★★

But gradually a real threat of violence creeps in and engulfs us all. More frightening still, this threat seems to be coming from within. The person who everyone is frightened of is us. We're left sitting alone in the pitch black with nowhere left to run - Miriam Gillinson, Culture Wars

A ringing endorsement for any immersive experience, and especially true in this case. It was unique, terrifying and exhilarating - Matthew Mills, Evnt Magazine

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