The Wisp isn’t strong enough to break free from the suffocating embrace of The Vortex and so he looks to Captain Mint to liberate him. But in order to have any chance of defeating The Vortex, Captain Mint feels he needs some extra powers

The Squall is looking to better himself and he thinks that joining The Vortex’s team is the best way to advance. But if The Squall wants to become The Storm, then The Vortex demands he must prove himself first ... by betraying Captain Mint

The Superheroes originated from a number of short 'try-out' sketches:

The first at Tassos Stevens’ ROAR event at Theatre503, Battersea Park Road, London, on 12 January 2005. Simon Kane and Greg McLaren starred

An extended version of that scene then featured in the Shunt Cabaret at the Shunt Vaults, Stainer Street, London, 27 February 2005 with Simon Kane and Greg McLaren reprising their roles and Amber Sealey, Gemma Brockis, Neil Bennun, Billy Bliss and Martin Hampton joining them

Peter Arnold and Greg McLaren starred when it was presented as part of Rotozaza's 'A Life Affirming Joyride Vol.1' festival at the Hackney Empire Bullion Room, London on 13 January 2006

A full length version of the play premiered at the Shunt Lounge, Stainer Street, London, 10-13 October 2007, with Simon Kane playing Captain Mint, Greg Henderson-Begg as The Wisp, Nigel Barrett as The Vortex and David Rosenberg as The Storm. Glen Neath directed